Batch Like a Bitch! {Autumn Edition}


Ready to batch your little heart out and create a whole holiday season's worth of content in just one week?

Join visibility coach Daire Paddy and tribe-building expert Julie Creffield for a content-creating extravaganza...

From 14th - 18th of October we will:


We will take a "big picture" look at what you've been up to, where you're going, and how to use your content marketing to get the results you crave.


We will knock up some super sweet visuals to accompany all of that magnificent content.


We will design a *killer* content plan and fill it with ingenious, interesting, insanely valuable pieces of content for your people.


We'll turn those pieces of core content into brilliant emailers and social media posts for whatever platforms you desire.


We will collate expert content that you can share far and wide (because the 80/20 rule is there for a reason)


We will schedule *all* of the social media content you need for the next 90 days as well as engaging in a bit of guerrilla promo to get the word out *even* more.


We will research, outline, draft, edit and schedule a piece of weekly content for the next 90 days.


We will tie a bow on our time together by installing some super-sensible content habits (so that you never have to go back to your "old ways").


Each day you'll be given priceless tribe-building tips to help you fill your audience with super engaged, super happy customers and cheerleaders.

Just imagine if you could create and schedule enough content to last you the WHOLE HOLIDAY SEASON so that you could go away, have big fun, and come back in January with more leads, more engagement, and more exciting ideas on the horizon...

What are you waiting for? 


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